A large European STB producer wanted to further improve quality of their products by automating testing on the production line. The initial testing process partially included subjective assessment of product functionality by test-technicians, which lead to inconsistent quality of delivered units.

Company therefore decided to fully automatize the testing process on the production line in order to exclude human errors in quality assessment as well as to speed-up the testing procedure. An automated test system needed to be integrated into the existing production infrastructure, with ability to exchange data to IT and head-end infrastructure already in place. Due to the nature of the production line where constant production speed must be maintained, limited test time was another problem to solve in this project.



  • Fully automate testing
  • Keep production line speed (30 sec per device)
  • Minimum interaction of technicians
  • Integration with the customer’s IT and head-end infrastructure


  • Created 26 test cases for proof-checking of all STB interfaces
  • Maximum duration of test execution per station 28 sec
  • Complete test run per STB 105 sec
  • Integration with the customer’s business system
  • Powerful reporting for each STB
  • Simple handling – single click user interface
  • Integration with the customer’s infrastructure, extraction and summarizing data important for production: number of malfunctioning STBs, type of defect, etc.


Considering the given requirements, RT-AV station test stations in combination with Intent+ server was a native solution for the problem. RT-AV Station test station consists of PC running RT-Executor application for automatic test execution, with addition of RT-AV100 audio/video grabber device used to acquire outputs of tested device. RT-Executor application was specially adjusted to the production environment, providing single-click test suite execution in combination with dedicated test control hardware (bar code scanner, four-button keyboard).

Four test stations were mounted per production line, each of them running suitable test suite optimized to fit into provided 30 seconds time window while maintaining high quality of testing. Results of testing were immediately reported to the Intent server, which was in charge for integration with the customer’s IT, head-end and BI infrastructure. Thanks to the integration of Intent+ into the customer’s infrastructure, important statistical information based on the course of testing on the production line were easily available.

STB production line testing automation – scheme


Environment setup
Environment setup