Customer provides test and repair services for cable operators and businesses, handling units returned by subscribers due to malfunctioning. Due to a large quantity of devices to be processed each day, more than 80 technicians were employed, working in three shifts. Device test/repair cycle often took 2-3 weeks, which was one of the process parameters customer wanted to optimize. Another aspect that needed optimization was the testing procedure itself, which often relied on technician subjective assessment of device functionality. Automation of the testing process was a logical step forward, and customer opted for a BBT based solution.



  • Fast and reliable basic interface/functionality check
  • Simultaneous testing of different devices
  • Minimal technician interaction


  • Parallel testing of 8 different devices
  • Integration with the customer’s business system
  • Fully automated testing of wide range of devices
  • Quick and reliable testing result (less than 1 minute per device)
  • Reduced costs and human resources


The solution delivered to customer was based on ProScreen test system. ProScreen test station consists of a rack equipped with two PC computers, two RT-AV100 grabber devices, analog/digital audio/video signal switchers and additional equipment. Capacity of one test station is 8 devices, where each device is tested independently and can have its own set of test cases. To avoid human errors, testing process was simplified – technician connects cables to inputs/outputs of the device under test, scans the device bar code, scans the rack position bar code and starts a testing process. GUI of the RT-Executor application was also adapted to match the testing process, and an application window showed results of testing of 4 devices at the same time. RT-Executor application was also adapted to use the customer’s bar code database, which allowed determination of proper test plan for each device. Results of testing were stored in a central database and were easily accessible at any moment.
Environment Setup