One of the leading European operators had a network spread over a large geographical area and needed a solution to monitor signal quality through its infrastructure. Considering the fact that the area was divided into 14 regions, monitoring signal quality in all covered regions was a challenging task. Our customer wanted to provide the best quality of service possible, hence a system for real time monitoring and reporting on all possible issues in signal distribution became a necessity.



  • Monitoring of signal quality
  • Reporting and decreasing of reaction time


  • Fully automated system for monitoring of all 14 regions
  • Real time monitoring and reporting
  • Effective reaction – decreased number of calls to the call centre
  • Quality of the service provided to the end user increased, resulting in new subscriber contracts.


In order to fulfill customer’s requirements, RT-RK delivered 19-inch rack for automated testing based on “round-robin” testing methodology. The rack was equipped with 16 slots for STBs where each STB received signal broadcasted in one of the 14 regions covered by the customer. The receivers were connected via HDMI switcher to RT-AV100 grabber and each receiver had an independent RC emulator. This configuration allowed the system to:

  • continuously change channels over 24 hours,
  • monitor changes in signal quality,
  • notify operator in the control room on signal irregularities/degradation.

Another advantage of the system is that the “control room” could be displaced to another location, independent of the system location, because SNMP protocol was used to transmit all reports from the system to the “control room”.

System Overview
System Overview