One of the world’s leading OEM companies needed a solution to automatize process of testing of a wide range of TV sets they produced. Having large number of products to handle, with short software release cycles, testing of each software/hardware release was resource and time demanding task, prone to human errors. Groups of the tests that were critical to automate were functional, performance and stress. Testing of tuners according to different specifications (Nordig, DTG), Dolby Digital pre-certification tests as well as measurement of optical performances of panels were additionally required by customer.



  • Fully automate testing of TV
  • Keep the pace with new SW releases
  • Minimum interaction with technicians
  • Integration with customer IT infrastructure


  • More than 20000 tests fully automatized
  • Saving 600 man/days a month due to test automation
  • Functional, performance, and stress testing
  • Complete integration of automated testing into R&D and QA process
  • Integration with bug tracking system (ClearQuest)
  • Straightforward and fast creation of test cases for new products
  • Dolby pre-certification


Platform of choice for customer was RT-AV300, combination of audio/video generator and grabber controlled by RT-Executor PC application. More than 30 test stations were deployed in customer premises, used for testing of TV sets in development phase as well as for QA. The test stations were integrated using Intent server, dedicated test management platform which managed current set of more than 20000 test cases. Additional integration into customer development and QA process was achieved by integration of test results into ClearQuest, the customer’s bug-tracking system. According to customer claims, 600 man/days has been saved each month by using the BBT-based solution.
System overview