Android STB testing Go to top

One of leading European telecommunication operators was developing new-generation STB based on Android platform and full functional testing needed to be integrated into process where customer had weekly release cycle. Integration with customer issue tracking system was also required, as well as detailed on-demand reporting.

Operator – Service monitoring Go to top

One of the leading European operators was in demand for solution which would allow them to monitor signal quality in their network covering large geographical area. Combination of BBT hardware components with advanced signal analysis algorithms exactly meet customer demand.

Operator – STB testing Go to top

Large telecom operator needed quick and reliable testing of set top boxes received from various sources (suppliers, customers etc.) before dispatching them further (to customers, to repair service etc.). Customer required large quantity of devices to be reliably tested on daily basis.

QA Component integration Go to top

Global telecommunications equipment company needed to extend their existing test system with new hardware (A/V grabber) and software components (OCR and audio/video analysis). BBT components were seamlessly integrated into customer ecosystem in this project.

R&D testing automation Go to top

Challenges Having products and technologies which allow consumer electronic device manufacturers and TV operators to successfully enable end-users to enjoy Pay-TV content, this company wanted to incorporate automatic test suite during development phase of their products in order to improve quality and speed up the testing of wide range of STBs they produce. Their aim … Continued

Repair facility test automation Go to top

Customer provides test and repair services for cable operators and businesses, employing large number of technicians to meet growing service requests. Test process automation was a way to reduce testing time and costs related to human labor.

SoC vendor Go to top

Leading innovator and developer in the set-top box (STB) system-on-chip (SoC) was searching for solution that will allow them to perform fast and reliable testing of multitude of their platforms after frequent software updates. BBT team has provided test environment and test cases tailored to meet demands of customer.

STB production line testing automation Go to top

Large European STB producer was looking for solution for production line test automation which would improve testing quality while meeting strict requirements dictated by nature of production line. BBT components were utilized to meet all customer requirements in this case.

TV test automation – OEM Go to top

One of the world’s leading OEM/ODM was looking for test platform that will allow them to automate testing of wide range of TV sets they produce. Besides functional, stress and performance tests, customer also needed specific pre-certification tests.