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Manufacturing tests are intended to quickly check limited number of product features on a constantly moving production line. Test cases selected for this purpose are rapid go/no-go or pass-fail inspections for selected features. If you are facing with:

  • Verification of large number of produced STB devices
  • Managing various types of platforms (for different customers)
  • The time reserved for testing is limited to a seconds per test station
  • Constant monitoring of test process per production line
  • Need for detailed reporting on failure on the production line (failure type and frequency)
  • Integration with existing business management system

Our automatic test solution will provide you with most efficient and reliable production line test process with minimal investment and quick ROI.


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Production line test process provides simple, fast and repetitive confidence checks which inspect if necessary STB functions work correctly for each STB device on assembly line.

The main challenge is to design tests that will verify as many features as possible in the shortest possible time. To achieve requested performance we provide complete solution for production lines which includes:

  • Test stations installed on assembly line comprised of a processing unit (PC), AV grabber device (RT-AV100) and dedicated operator application
  • Central database with administrative application based on Intent+ Test management platform

Production line test system provides automated testing of all basic STB functionalities and allows its integration with customer business management systems. Extremely optimized test procedure allows reaching of requested test execution speed and keeping production line speed constant. Test system allows easy replacement of test procedure on production line (for different models of STB devices).

  • Production line test suite

Is an environment for testing of STB devices on production line, where main focus is on correct functioning and satisfying video and audio characteristics under required electrical conditions. Test Suite allows quick execution of dedicated automatic test cases for each STB device, which covers following interfaces/features:

  • Analog and digital video outputs testing – CVBS, RGB, SCART, VGA, Component, HDMI
  • Analog and digital audio outputs testing – analog LR, HDMI, S/PDIF Coaxial and optical
  • AV testing in Loop Through conditions – LNB, RF, Standby mode
  • MPEG2/MPEG4 decoding
  • Interface testing – LAN, RS232, USB, Smart Card Interface
  • CAM / Smartcard interfaces
  • Measurement of electrical values
  • LNB voltage for vertical or horizontal polarization
  • PIN8 and PIN16 on SCART
  • LNB Tone frequency and voltage on analog audio
  • Video level on analog outputs – CVBS, RGB, SCART

Test suite presents common platform for Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial and IPTV receivers testing. Comprehensive reporting provides detailed statistics of failures. Production line test suite ensures that each STB device which leaves manufacturer facility is verified and ready for customers.

  •  Intent+

Intent+ is a complete test management system which covers Requirement management, Test case management, Test plan organization, execution and powerful reporting.

Our test management platform ensures that whole process of product verification and validation is successfully completed and that product requirements are fulfilled and verified. Because test platform covers whole process of product verification it allows requirement coverage report to be generated at any time.

Case studies that describe solutions for some of the problems that STB makers can face, can be found in OEM – TV test automation and STB production line testing automation use cases.