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We provide functional test suite for testing wide range of TV set features including UI, PVR, AV connections, reliability, stability and performance testing that can save days in testing time. Functional test suite is primarily intended for TV manufacturers and software suppliers. It is a market proven solution with Tier 1 IC vendors and OEM. The test suite performs complete spread-around functionality check of a TV set in thousands of tests organized in functional groups. It provides a way to validate a product against various standards and equirements. Test database currently contains the following functional test groups:

Audio Audio management test suite covers checking of audio on various interfaces (HDMI, S/PDIF, etc.), testing of decoding different audio formats and codecs, volume controls testing, audio language selection testing, audio/video synchronization testing, testing of different audio post-processing controls (bass, treble, sound mode selection, etc.).
Video Video management test suite covers checking of video on various interfaces (HDMI, SCART, COMPOSITE, etc.), testing of decoding different video formats and codecs, video scaling, aspect ratio, testing of different video post-processing controls (brightness, contrast, color temperature, etc.), Picture in Picture mode testing.
Front End Front End test suite covers testing of discovery and installation of channels from different sources (DVB-T/S/C, IP).
Zapping Zapping test suite covers testing of zapping between different channels.
Service List Service list test suite covers service lists management (organization of items in service list, representation of services in list, navigation through items in service list, creating/editing of favorite service list, filtering of elements in service lists).
Teletext Teletext test suite covers testing of teletext pages displaying, switching between teletext pages, different navigation methods (TOP, FLOF).
Subtitles Subtitles test suite covers testing of different subtitles types – DVB Subtitles (HOH, Normal), TTXT Subtitles (HOH, normal), subtitles synchronization with audio/video, subtitles languages selection.
EPG EPG test suite covers testing of the EPG Guide (browsing through EPG events, EPG events filtering, representation of EPG events, search), testing of reminder functionalities (set/unset reminders, reminder list, accepting/rejecting reminders).
Info Banner Info Banner test suite covers testing of info banner content, updating of info banner (after zapping, after EPG events are changed).
Parental Control Parental test suite covers testing of parental rating information in info banner and full EPG, setting of parental rating level, checking of parental level when EPG event or channel is changed, testing of channel locking and tuning to locked channel, pin code management.
Date and Time Date and time test suite covers testing of date and time settings (automatic and manual setting of date and time, selecting of time zone/date and time format), testing of Standby timers.
PVR PVR test suite covers testing of Time-Shift, One Touch Recording, Scheduled Recording and Playback of recorded content. It tests recorded content list management, scheduled recordings list management, trick play modes in playback of recorded content, PVR storage management.
Multimedia Multimedia test suite covers testing of browsing through content on USB, SD card, DMS, Internal storage, reproducing different types of content (audio, video and pictures), trick modes, checking of decoding different audio/video/picture formats, playlists management.
DLNA DLNA test suite covers testing of Digital Media Player functionalities (finding content on digital media servers, playback of content, trick modes, volume controls).
Input and Output Interfaces Input and Output Interfaces test suite covers input interfaces testing (SCART input, HDMI input, Component Video, Composite video, VGA), interfaces list management, switching between input interfaces available on device, hotplug detection testing and output interfaces testing (SCART output, HDMI output, Composite output, Component output).
Network Network test suite covers testing of wired and wireless network connections (manual/automatic network configuration, list of access points, supported authorization methods).
Bluetooth Bluetooth test suite covers testing of Bluetooth module (Bluetooth activation, search for available nearby Bluetooth devices, device pairing, testing of supported Bluetooth profiles).
External Devices Support External Devices Support test suite checks if device under test supports different types of external storage devices (USB storage, SD card, HDD storage) with various file systems (NTFS, FAT32, EXT, etc.) and input devices (keyboard, mouse, video camera, microphone ).
Factory Reset Factory reset test suite checks if all settings (user settings, scanned services) are restored to factory default values after performing factory reset.
Software Upgrade Software upgrade test suite covers testing of different kind of software upgrades (USB upgrade, Over the Air upgrade, upgrade via Internet).
Operational Modes Operational Modes test suite covers testing of various operational modes supported on device under test and transitions between modes: Standby mode, Pseudo-Standby Mode, First time installation mode, Normal TV operation mode, Screensaver mode, etc.
Android Applications Android Applications test suite covers testing of browsing and launching of default installed applications (Netflix, Amazon instant video, YouTube, Browser, etc.), browsing/installing/uninstalling/launching of user installed applications, favorite applications list management.
UI UI test suite covers testing of UI functionality and rendering, transitions between different UI menus (using Front Panel keys, RCU keys), displaying of OSD messages.
Response Response test suite covers key performance indicator measurements such as zapping time, booting time, channel search duration, loading time and fluidity of menus, responsiveness to RCU keys, etc.
Robustness Robustness test suite tests robustness of device under test through long run tests (watching of live TV for long hours, zapping between channels many times, PVR recording for long time, etc.).


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Pre-Certification testing presents a serious strategic and operational topic for each participant in DTV industry (CE manufacturers, operators, applications developers, etc.). Our pre-certification test suites and services enable customer to complete a set of pre-certification tests in labs before proceeding to formal certification test. They include following test pre-certification groups:

NorDig The NorDig Verification Test shall ensure compliance with the NorDig requirements and NorDig transmissions, and comes in addition to the regular factory testing for general quality and functionality control.
HbbTV The HbbTV Verification Test shall ensure compliance with the HbbTV specification and comes in addition to the regular factory testing for general quality and functionality control.
MHEG-5 Testing solution for demonstrating conformance to the MHEG-5 specification.
DLNA With comprehensive experiences and expertise, we offer testing and consultation service to help acquire the DLNA logo onto your products in the easiest and fastest way.
CI+ Pre-certification test services intended for manufacturers with CI+ enabled products and operators that need CI+ interoperability testing.


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For any project in customer’s environment any of the tests can be customized and made automatic/semi-automatic or manual.

Customized test packages are offered for quantity of 200+ tests either automatic, manual or mixed.

The customer receives the customized tests with descriptions, environment, and tools. For the complete list of individual tests and pricing plans please send a request to our support team.