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RT-RK HbbTV end-to-end Validation System

  • RT-Harness is an end-to-end web based solution developed by RT-RK, intended for conformance and interoperability verification of HbbTV Devices compliant with HbbTV v1.0 , v1.5, HbbTV 2.0 and 2.0.1 specifications.
  • System provides advanced and reliable validation of HbbTV devices for TV and STB manufacturers with latest HbbTV requirements.
  • Using RT–Executor, RT-Harness provides a significant level of automation (including test cases from official HbbTV Test Suite) drastically reducing testing time and resources.


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RT-Harness – features

  • Full support for the official HbbTV Test Suite, without any restrictions.
  • High level of test execution automation.
  • Supports independent test execution.
  • Automatic stream generation and seamless stream transition.
  • Highly adjustable reporting tool which allows:
    • Storage of all sub scored results,
    • Generates predefined reports,
    • Generate reports based on customers requirements.
  • Intuitive user-frendly interface.

RT-Harness – Modules Description

RT-Harness is compiled from multiple modules which enable functionality of the application:

  • Test Suites section allows import of new Test Suites from various locations. This section includes set of test cases, which cover specific functionalities.
  • Test section allows preview of test cases from all imported test suites, also it allows a test run directly from the main window.
  • Test Plans enables creating of specific test sets intended for execution during the test campaign. In this section, it is possible to see all of the already created test plans.
  • Test Runs enables manual, semi-automatic or automatic execution of already prepared test plans.
  • DUT section allows entry of basic information related to the device under test.
  • Reporting is a section used to generate and display test results and reports.


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RT-Harness allows different modes of test execution:

  • Manual execution of tests
    Gives operator ability to perform a manual test execution.
  • Execution of automated tests without additional equipment
    By HbbTV specification a certain number of tests that can be performed automatically without additional equipment. RT-Harness allows execution of those tests trough automatic mode.
  • Basic or Advanced execution of tests with additional equipment
    RT-Harness is capable to control various external devices (Grabber devices, Signal Modulators, RC Emulators, etc.), and performs complete automated test execution. Automatic test execution on both STB and TV devices are supported.


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Two Segments of Automation

Basic level of Automation is designed to cover the automated execution of a certain number of tests using minimum external devices:

  • A/V Sync
  • RC Emulator
  • Power Switch
  • Modulator

Advanced level of Automation enables automated test execution of complete HbbTV 2.0.1 suite using:

  • Devices from Basic level of Automation.
  • RT-AV4K grabber (for STB devices) or Camera (for TV devices),
  • Algorithms for image detection, performance measurement, functional testing, etc.
  • Postponed analysis.



High level of automation is reflected in the usage of the following devices and features:

  • RT-AV4K grabber device provides real-time capturing and streaming of audio and video output from DUT, which allows automatic analysis of the grabbed content.
  • Automatic broadcast of transport stream provides automatic switching from one transport stream to another. This feature ensures continuous broadcast of the signal, without interruption.
  • RC Emulator is intended for DUT management, it has the ability to control DUT over RC commands.
  • Power Switch is used for automation of Power Cycle tests such as DUT reboot, memory recovery, etc.
  • A/V Sync is used for verification of media and subtitle synchronization.


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In order to simplify the execution of tests, RT-Harness is upgraded with additional features such as:

  • DUT (Device Under Test) Recovery
    If blocking of tested device occurs during testing, DUT recovery process will start by the predetermined steps, so that testing could be continued.
  • Automatically determination of test execution mode (automatic or manual)
    Analyzing test case during the first run, RT-Harness is able to detect and remember test execution mode automatically and apply detected mode during next run.
  • Log Capturing
    RT-Harness has the ability to capture DUT’s serial port output at the beginning of each test/steps, which allows simple errors isolation.
  • Hard Disk Space Optimization
    In case that test execution data occupy more than the specified amount of space, automatic cleaning mechanism will be activated.


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Reporting section provides an opportunity to review results of tests through different formats:

  • Graphical and tabular display of results.
  • Reports as an archive of .xml results by HbbTV test specification.
  • Each performed step of the test has its own result with an explanation.
  • Ability to export results to .xls format.
  • Possibility to customize reports according to customer’s requirement.



Benefits Go to top

  • There are no restrictions regarding importing of Test Suite (Official Hbbtv Test Suite, Freeview, DRM, etc).
  • Performing different types of tests efficiently and effectively using automated test execution.
  • Running tests 24/7.
  • Optimization of speed, efficiency, quality and the decrease of costs.
  • Test execution without user interaction while guaranteeing repeatability and accuracy.
  • lncrease of HbbTV tests coverage.


Professional services Go to top

RT-RK offers a large variety of automated testing solutions that cover all major functionalities of modern Digital TV devices (STB and TV sets). We are dedicated to understanding your technical demands and problems which you are faced with, and we are applying a wide range of products and services to solve them:

  • Software and Hardware components for automatic test execution.
  • End-to-end test management system which allows manual and automated test execution.
  • Test Suite for functional, stress, and performance tests.
  • Precertification test suites.
  • Service of manual testing.
  • Service of automatic testing.
  • Testing and certification consulting services.
  • Test writing and test modification services.