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During development of complex and high performance SoC platforms there is a number of issues you could face:

  • Handling mixed technologies (Logic, Analog, Memory, Processors…)
  • Managing various types of platforms (for different customers)
  • Hardware verification combined with software release verification
  • Unstable platform in the beginning of development process
  • Large number of test cases to be performed (functional, acceptance, performance, stability …)

Our test platform provides set of different test technologies that can address each of problems you are facing and create the most effective SoC test system for you.


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Our test system enables SoC vendors to cover the whole platform verification process, starting from Manual testing in early phase of development, through in-depth functional verification of software modules and hardware interfaces. Test system also allows stability testing and sophisticated Picture Quality Measurement.

  • Testing services

At the beginning of development process, when referent platform is not stable enough, flexibility in testing process is needed (i.e. ignoring known errors, focusing on actual functionality targeted by test). RT-RK offers manual test execution services, where test execution may be in our or at customer premises. We also offer automatic test execution service (equipment rent) in our laboratories with option to replicate test setup on customer premises.

Using those services, customer is able to outsource some of QA activities to us permanently or in periods of high testing demands when testing requests cannot be covered with internal QA resources.

  • Functional and acceptance test suite

When manual testing cannot fulfill growing demands for quick and reliable testing, automatic test procedure plays significant role during validation process. Speeding up the testing procedure is the key; faster testing leads to more productivity thus higher revenues.

Combination of hardware component (RT-AV100) and software module (RT-Executor) provides complete functional, performance and acceptance verification of STB devices. Integrated part of functional test suite is a set of ready to use automatic test cases.

  • Stress test systems

To ensure system stability and reach required platform reliability level, highly modular stress test systems (for up to 64 STBs) is used. Test system also provides platform for MTBF measurement.

  • Picture Quality measurement

Picture Quality Measurement (Embedded PQM) provides unique environment for live stream AV analysis and various artifact detection (black screen, freezing, macro-blocking, packet loss, blurring and audio artifacts).

  •  Intent+

Intent+ is a complete test management system which covers Requirement management, Test case management, Test plan organization, execution and powerful reporting.

Our test management platform ensures that whole process of product verification and validation is successfully completed and that product requirements are fulfilled and verified. Because test platform covers complete product verification life-cycle, requirement coverage report may be generated at any time.

Case studies that describe our solutions for some of the problems that SoC Vendors can face, can be found in SoC vendor and R&D testing automation use cases.