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If you are offering a test and repair services for Set-Top Boxes, and want to ensure the highest quality and most reliable test and repair processes for your customers, you might be facing:

  • Verification of large number of STB devices returned from the field
  • Managing various types of platforms (for different customers)
  • The time reserved for testing is limited to a seconds per test station
  • Constant monitoring of test process
  • Need for detailed reporting on failure for each test station (failure type and frequency)
  • Managing large repair network (need for onsite diagnostics)
  • Integration with existing business management system

Our test system gives you an accurate and cost efficient automated test solution which provides repeatable and reliable method of consumer device quality verification.


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By ensuring that each Set-Top Box is in proper working condition before its deployment or redeployment, we increase customer satisfaction as well as customer retention. Testing process is automated and guarantees the uniformity of each test and allows the storage of important specific details on the functionality of the box. This data allows for quicker repairs as well as tracking any common faults to aid in their prevention in the future. Test system provides unique environment for all kinds of STB including terrestrial, cable, IP and satellite receivers.

  • Repair / Screening system

Diagnostic station is automated test solution for quick screening of STB devices returned from the field. Automated test solution speeds up test process with engagement of two times less operators and provides more accurate and deterministic results.

  • Stress test systems

To ensure system stability and reach required platform reliability level, highly modular stress test systems (for up to 64 STB) is used. Test system also provides platform for MTBF measurement.

  • Field test system

Field Test system is a portable automated STB test system intended for use in distribution offices and local repair facilities. Test system can also be used at consumer homes for verification of an individual unit functionality. Typical deployments are in field service vehicle. It equips technicians with a powerful tool which performs basic functionality tests in order to diagnose possible malfunctions of customer’s device.

Case study that describe solution for some of the problems that system Repair facilities can face, can be found in repair facility test automation use case.