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Test system is intended for TV service operators which utilize large volumes of STB devices, delivering video services to subscribers. During this process operator are met with various challenges:

  • Validation of new Software releases (acceptance testing, STB firmware updates)
  • Verification of large number of STB devices received from different manufacturers
  • Network status monitoring
  • Managing large distribution network (need for onsite diagnostics)
  • Repair of STB devices returned from the field

Our solution seamlessly and quickly tests a new software build with flexibility of testing any model of STB device using same set of already defined test cases. This tool also provides complete platform for network status monitoring and environment suitable for repair facilities.


Test system offers a complete test automation platform for testing of integrated DTV systems, digital satellite, terrestrial, cable and IP receivers (set-top-box – STB), DVD and blu-ray players.

User of automated test system will be able to performs testing of video and audio quality, A/V performance, UI validation, EPG, multimedia, A/V output checking, tuning and service list, and much more. Test system also provides scripting, test execution and execution scheduling, signal feeds, performs capturing and displaying of video and audio content, storage for test results and reports generation.

For operator scenario some of typical solutions are:

  • Testing services

During beginning of development process when referent platform is not stable enough and requests flexibility of testing process (skips some of the test steps – known errors) RT-RK offers manual test execution services and test execution in our premises or onside at customer laboratories. We are also offering automatic test execution service (equipment rent) in our laboratories with possibility of easy replication on customer side.

Using those services customer is able to outsource to us some of QA activities permanently or in periods when they cannot cover all testing activities with local QA resources.

  • Single test station

Combination of hardware component (RT-AV100) and software module (RT-Executor) provides complete functional, performance and stress verification of STB devices.

  • Multiple STB test systems

Available in two forms: Parallel and Round-Robin test systems providing modular and scalable platforms which are available in packages for simultaneous testing of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 devices.

  • Network monitoring platform

Web based test framework for network services validation, real time monitoring and reporting. Using set of field distributed probes and simulating user activities test perform continuous validation and real time analysis of the stability, performances, availability and video quality assessment of TV services (live network). With permanent monitoring test platform reinforces deployment of new devices (STB and headends) and their integration within existing network infrastructure.

Intuitive control interface allows operators easy system configuration and execution of various test scenarios. System also allows on-the-fly test scenario modification.

Powerful reporting end result evaluation tools allows logging of every test execution step, alarms reporting and user actions monitoring; eventually test platform delivers detailed but easy to review reports.

  • Field test system

Field Test system is a portable automated STB test system intended for use in distribution offices and local repair facilities. Test system can also be used at consumer homes for verification of an individual unit functionality. Typical deployments are in field service vehicle. It equips technicians with a powerful tool which performs basic functionality tests in order to diagnose possible malfunctions of customer’s device.

  • Repair / Screening system

Diagnostic station is automated test solution for quick screening of STB devices returned from the field. Automated test solution speeds up test process with engagement of two times less operators, and provides more accurate and deterministic results.

Case studies that describe solutions for some of the problems that Operators can face, can be found in Operator – Service monitoringOperator – STB testing and Android STB testing use cases.