RT-RK and BBT announce availability of HbbTV RT-Harness at IBC 2017

RT-RK and BBT announce availability of RT-Harness, an end-to-end web based solution intended for conformance and interoperability verification of HbbTV devices against HbbTV v1.0, v1.5, HbbTV 2.0 and 2.0.1 specifications. The solution seamlessly leads through the testing process of HbbTV devices in the conditions of continuous upgrade of HbbTV specifications. Fully supporting the official HbbTV test suite, RT-Harness provides a significant level of test execution automation. RT-Harness is a continuation of a successful collaboration between RT-RK and HbbTV organization and previous contracts from 2015 and 2016 identifying RT-RK a supplier of tests composing HbbTV 2.0 / 2.0.1 test suites.

Full support for the official HbbTV test suite, high level of test execution automation, automatic stream generation and seamless stream transition, highly configurable reporting, and intuitive user-friendly interface are the main features of RT-Harness. The automation is enabled by RT-Executor, a sophisticated tool for development, control, and execution of RT-RK automated test solutions. RT-Executor smoothly integrates external devices required for a basic or advanced level of automation.
The basic level integrates: signal modulator, A/V sync device used for verification of media and subtitle synchronization, RC emulator for DUT (device under test) control, and power switch for DUT automatic recovery procedure.

The advanced automation level, along with the set of devices from the basic automation level, additionally includes: RT-AV4K grabber for STB devices or camera for TV devices, algorithms (image detection, performance measurement, etc.), and automated post analysis.

IBC 2017

By HbbTV specification a certain number of tests can be performed automatically without additional equipment. RT-Harness features this execution trough an automatic mode. RT-Harness also allows for manual execution of the tests.

To excel automation, RT-Harness implements additional features such as: DUT recovery, automatic detection of the execution mode, logging of DUT’s output serial port for simple errors isolation, and hard disc space optimization.

RT-Harness implies no restrictions to importing a test suite (Official HbbTV Test Suite, Freeview, DRM, etc.) and is flexible for further HbbTV test expansions. It is speed, efficiency, quality and cost optimized whilst guaranteeing repeatability and accuracy 24/7.