Dear customer, dear Partner,

RT-RK and BBT would like to invite you to meet with us during IBC 2017 in Amsterdam, from Friday September 15th through to Tuesday September 19th.

Should you like to arrange a meeting, email us at

This year we will be showcasing:

4K grabber device and 4K STB test solution
Test Suites
Android base device (STB and Smart TV) testing
Applications (Software)
HbbTV v2.0 test suite
Smart TV Testing
Multiple STB Test Systems
Picture Quality Measurement

4K Grabber

RT-AV4K is a real-time capturing and streaming device which supports video content capturing and processing up to 4K UHD. Captured content can be processed directly on device or can be transferred to PC for future analysis.

Test System features:

  • End to end automatic validation of mayor STB functionality and DTV system validation before and during deployment
  • Control script creating, test execution and reporting
  • Support variety of digital or analog A/V sources (HDMI, Com­ponent, composite, S/PDIF …)
  • Process grabbed AV content and artifacts detection
  • Allow testing of STB, Gateways, game consoles, Smart TV and mobile devices (applications)

Test Suites

RT-RK is providing various already prepared automatic test suites which significantly reduce test automation time and allow users to start with automatic testing immediately.

Our database contains more than 5000 test cases which can be easily adapted to customer’s specific device features and require­ments.

We are offering next Test Suits:

  • Functional testing (STB / TV)
  • Stress testing / Regression Testing
  • STB Production Line Test Suite
  • Field monitoring system
  • iDTV Functional Test Suite
  • HbbTV test and Harness

All Test Suits are designed to ensure complete test environment for the most reliable testing of various devices (digital receivers (STB), DTV, multimedia devices, mobile devices and applications).

Android based device (STB and Smart TV) testing

Using our well-known tool for automatic testing of STB and TV devices we have created a test environment intended for android based devices that allows complete testing of STBs and covers testing of all basic functionalities:

  • Audio/Video testing
  • Android applications, UI
  • Networking
  • Performance testing
  • Robustness testing

Our Requirement and Test management system, INTENT + incorporates a complete environment that contains requirements, detailed description of the test procedures and automatic tests for Android based devices (STB and smart TV).

Applications (Software)

RT-Executor is a software framework for automatic functional and system testing of multimedia devices:

  • Simple user interface, dashboard
  • Test creation interface
  • Test plan creation interface
  • Test execution scheduling
  • Video preview capabilities
  • Real time results monitoring
  • Remote execution monitoring
  • Detailed reporting and results logging

Can support integration with more than 80 commercially avail­able devices: A/V signal generators, grabbers, modulators and image processing algorithms.

INTENT+ is a requirement, test management and test execution software intended to assist Quality Assurance throughout the project lifecycle.

Intent+ establishes relation between requirements and tests and represents a central place in which tests are entered and executed and in which testing results are gathered.

Intent+ has a powerful reporting tool with predefined set of key per­formance indicators for the project.

HbbTV v2.0 Test Suite and Test Harness

RT-RK HbbTV end-to-end Validation System is designed to verify device and application compliance and interoperability with HbbTV v1.0 , v1.5 and HbbTV 2.0 specifications.

RT-RK HbbTV end-to-end Validation System is a test management and test execution system which is aimed to support execution of automatic and manual test cases for hybrid digital TV receivers that implement HbbTV functionality.

Automatic test execution minimizes human errors and significantly reduces execution time and costs associated with validation and conformance process.

Test Suite Features:

  • Testing of HbbTV compliant digital TV receivers and HbbTV applications
  • Includes test streams, and supports more than 1000 test cases
  • Full support for the official HbbTV Test Suite, without any restrictions
  • Helps minimize interoperability problems
  • Allows stress and performance testing
  • Allows test project creation and management (test cases filtering and grouping)
  • Provides Test automation mechanism for reducing testing complexity, duration and costs
  • Intuitive test framework allows test creation/modification, execution and reporting
  • Highly adjustable reporting tool that generates predefined reports, reports based on customer’s requirements and allows storage of all subscored results
  • HbbTV fixtures – Browser simulation mode. Allows PC browsers to behave as HbbTV compliant devices (develop and verify test cases without real device)
  • T² Unit framework – unit testing and debugging of newly developed test cases
  • Automatic stream generation and seamless stream transition
  • Additional features: DUT Recovery, Log Capturing, Hard Disk Space Optimization, Automatic determination of test execution mode(automatic or manual)

Smart TV Testing

Is a solution for validation and automatic testing of TV services. It is Camera based solution used for optical inspection of TV screen. It is easily configured and customized to accommodate any size of TV up to 50”.
Test solution allows full functional and stress testing of smart TV devices.

Multiple STB Test Systems

Allows testing of large numbers of STB devices. We are provid­ing various solution which allows optimal test system utilization and optimize performances:

  • Parallel multiple test system allows independent testing of large number of devices
  • Round-Robin (serial) test system allows cost/performance optimization solution and it is perfect solution for stress, burning and long run testing
  • Diagnostic system for quick screening of new and returned STB devices, allows very short no fault devices device return circle.

Main features:

  • Test all available AV interfaces and provide comprehensive Video Quality analysis
  • Guarantees stability, reliability and performance of target device during development and production
  • Open and flexible platform al­lows testing of different devices even in same rack system
  • Run the most of your target de­vice with minor modification
  • Comprehensive log system to increase visibility of testing pro­cedure
  • Flexible and complete reporting system with various reporting


Picture Quality Measurement

System for no reference real time audio/video analysis.

  • Video artifact detection: Blocking, Packet lose, Freezing, Black screen, Blurring and Ringing
  • Audio artifacts detection: Freezing, Absence …
  • AV grabbing capabilities: SD and HD signals
  • Real time results monitoring and reporting