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  • PC based technology
  • Performs TV set functional verification and TV display verification
  • Control of input signal devices (generators)
    • Analog: RF Signal, CVBS, RGB-VGA, DVI, HDMI
    • Digital: MPEG2 TS, Modulators (DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S)
  • Control of infrared RC emulator device
  • Control of signal capture device (camera)
  • RT-AV400 system has a wide range of features:
    • Defect detection
    • Color verification
    • Pattern matching
    • High-accuracy measurements
    • Image analysis
    • Presence/absence detection
    • Optical character recognition


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RT-AV400 system is built around the RT-RK BBT Test software package with all necessary equipment device drivers (single DLL with API interface) and a wide range of fully-integrated tools for image and OCR processing, statistics, reporting and much more. System includes following use cases:

  • Product verification on the final production line
  • Functional testing
  • Large scale and regression testing

Optical Character Recognition

  • Selection of region of interest
  • New font adaptation
  • Font color selection
  • Background color selection

Screen capture

rt-av400 screen capture

Region of interest

rt-av400 Region o interest

Recognized text

  • TV-gids
  • TV-theek
  • Mijn opnames
  • Telenet TV-shop
  • Communicatie
  • Extra
  • lnstellingen
  • Info & Help


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  • Analog: RF Signal, CVBS, RGB-VGA, DVI, HDMI
  • Digital: MPEG2 TS, Modulators (DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S)


Technical specifications Go to top

RT-AV400 Package

  • RT-AV400 system
  • RT-Executor application with necessary device drivers (devices control modules: for camera, signal generators, RC controller, algorithms, etc)
  • Camera
  • Remote controller emulator
  • Installation service – integration of system on customer location
  • Writing customer specific device drivers (optional)
  • CD with utilities and documentation