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During its life cycle a STB will be turned on and off many times, thousands of times will perform channel scan and TV signal decoding. Despite all this, the functionalities such as EPG and DVR will have to keep the required level of reliability. This system has been developed to meet the overwhelming challenges as for STB reliability during its long term operation and life cycle. It provides software vendor, OEM, and TV operator with a system for simultaneous verification of multiple STB units, with the main emphasis on greater statistical reliability of their devices. This is achieved by a large number of repetitions of tests (so-called stress test) and detection of possible malfunctioning in long-term exploitation (so-called soak test).

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Reduces human interference


Independent of different manufacturers and types of STB


Increases throughput of tested devices

Increases reliability of tested devices


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The system consists of tested devices (up to 16) each of them being connected to one of the grabber devices (RT-AV100) and managed by a dedicated RC emulator. After all the tested devices have been brought to a desired state, a simultaneous recording of output video and audio content is performed for all the units. The application performs processing and analysis of the recorded files using pre-defined algorithms. The analysis is based on a comparison with referent content, followed by designating a device by “correct” or “malfunctioning”.

The system can be used in:

  • “Golden reference”
  • “Golden device” set-up


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It is intended to be used for testing of STB complex features, and puts greater emphasis on robustness, availability and error handling under a heavy load, rather than normal circumstances. In such conditions stability of work in all operational modes and preserving system’s performance after a long-term exploitation is of immense importance, and that is exactly the intention of Stress Test Suite.


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STB’s unsatisfactory response time to commands addressed by RC emulator


Instability of the device in frequent and long-term channel change (zapping)


Measuring zapping time

Measuring of channel change/zapping time (especially from an SD to an HD channel, or when changing a transponder at a device that supports DVB-S/S2)

Measuring boot time

  • Measuring of the time needed to turn on the unit from stand-by mode
  • Measuring of the time needed to turn on the device from power off mode


Errors in TV signal decoding in long-term operation



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  • A delivered system consists of two 19 “ racks with:
  • Workstation (PC) + monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • RT-Executor application
  • 16 RT-AV100 devices for audio and video recording
  • 16 RC emulators
  • LAN switch
  • Test suite

* The described system accommodates 16 STB units. System size is scalable, and fully configurable to meet customer’s needs
** The system comes fully assembled (completed cabling).


Stress Test Suite

Test Group/Case Description
Interfaces 5
Test Set : HDMI 2
Test Set : SCART 2
Test Set : S/PDIF 1
RC keys 27
Test Set : Program Selection 5
Test Set : EPG 1
Test Set : Favorite 2
Test Set : Info Bar 2
Test Set : Menu 2
Test Set : Volume Change 2
Test Set : TXT 1
Test Set : Mute 3
Test Set : Color, Shortcut keys 4
Test Set : Zoom 1
Test Set : PIP/PAP 4
Tuner Tests 3
Test Set : Program Search, Installation 3
Power Management 1
Test Set : Stand by 1
Total 36