To our customers we offer 24/7 execution of automatic tests using our own infrastructure. Upon reception of a new software release, we upgrade the firmware and start a new release execution round. Depending on the needs – project in development phase, major or smaller changes, bug tracking, important milestone/release, and in agreement with the customer we perform quick/partial/full and functional/stress/diagnostic testing in:

  • Round Robin rack
  • Parallel rack or
  • Diagnostic station rack

The customer has a full access to the testing process through Intent+, specialized requirement and test management platform:

  • Full set of reports is just a click away at any point of time
  • The results of testing automatically reflect in a customer’s issue tracking tool

We deliver:

  • The complete requirement specification in a Word/PDF document
  • VTP with the full set of test cases used in the project
  • If needed, requirement specification and VTP may be exported to other suitable formats (XLS, XML, etc.)
  • Archive of all the reports generated during project lifetime
  • Project is archived and stored on our secure servers for a possible follow-up