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Fluke 54200

The generator covers nearly all world-wide standards including PAL, NTSC, and SECAM with their subsystems as well as sound standards and data transmission standards. Teletext and Wide Screen Signaling bits are available (Figure 1).

Main features:

  • RF Carrier Generator and Modulator
  • Analog stereo sound
  • BTSC and NICAM sound
  • VGA
  • S-Video
  • Composite
  • YCbCr

Communication Interface: RS-232, IEEE 488

Figure 1: Fluke 54200 Multi standard video and TV signal generator

Rohde & Schwarz SFQ

TV Test Transmitter R&S SFQ is a complete solution for testing digital TV links and receivers. The standards for DVB-T, DVB-S/DVB-DSNG, turbocoding, DVB-C, J.83B and ATSC/8VSB are fully complied with. Thanks to its adaptability to future system changes, R&S SFQ is a useful and rewarding investment for your launch onto the digital TV market. Moreover, R&S SFQ also processes analog frequency-modulated satellite signals in line with PAL, SECAM, NTSC standards. The sound signals are transmitted using analog FM and digital ADR sound subcarriers (Figure 2).

Communication Interface: RS-232

Figure 2: Rohde & Schwarz SFQ Digital signal generator for antenna, satellite and cable

Quantum Data 881/882

QuantumData 881/882 is a signal generator device used for testing video displays. It supports vast number of picture patterns and video types (Figure 3).

Main features:

  • CVBS
  • S-Video
  • VGA
  • YCbCr
  • HDMI

Communication Interface: RS-232, LAN, GPIB

Figure 3: Quantum Data 881/882 Multi standard programmable video signal generator

Rohde & Schwarz SFU

The R&S®SFU is the all-in-one solution for broadcast and mobile TV standards. It has been designed as a platform for various applications and is open for future options. It provides multiple instrument functionality in a cabinet of only four height units and offers unrivaled RF and baseband characteristics. Due to its modular design, the R&S®SFU can be optimally adapted to the requirements of different applications. It is an ideal research and development tool for making improvements to introduced standards and for generating new standard signals. Applications that previously required many different instruments are now fully covered by the R&S®SFU. The modern, intuitive concept of the R&S®SFU ensures fast and easy operation (Figure 4).

Communication Interface: LAN

Figure 4: Rohde & Schwarz SFU Broadcast test system

Astro VG-849

Programmable VG-849 video generator is extremely flexible video signal source offering a user the option of freely being able to set video timing and to create test patterns (Figure 5).

Main features:

  • VGA
  • QXGA
  • YPbPr
  • YCbCr
  • HDMI 1.3
  • HDCP
  • Composite
  • S-Video

Communication Interface: RS-232

Figure 5: Astro VG-849 Multi standard programmable video signal generator

Alitronika AT40USB

The AT40XUSB is a USB based DVB-ASI/SPI device capable of receiving and recording full transport stream and playing back transport stream files (Figure 6).

Main features:

  • DVB – ASI to USB converter (TS recorder)
  • DVB – SPI to USB converter (TS recorder)
  • USB to DVB-ASI converter (TS player)
  • SDI to USB converter (SDI recorder)
  • USB to SDI converter (SDI player)
  • USB to DVB-SPI converter (TS player)
  • DVB-ASI to DVB-SPI converter (serial to parallel converter)
  • DVB-SPI to DVB-ASI converter (parallel to serial converter)
  • LVDS to LVTTL / LVCMOS converter
  • LVTTL / LVCMOS to LVDS converter
  • Integrated loop trough output
  • Programmable output bit rate

Communication Interface: RS-232, LAN, GPIB

Figure 6: Alitronika AT40USB MPEG2 transport stream player, recorder and converter

Master MSPG1025

This device features inspection and calibration of high resolution monitors. Contains three analog and two digital outputs (Figure 7).

Main features:

  • CVBS
  • VGA
  • YPbPr / YCbCr
  • HDMI
  • DTV – DVB and ATSC
  • Audio sinewave
  • S/PDIF digital audio input

Communication Interface: RS-232

Figure 7: Master MSPG1025 Multi standard programmable video signal generator

DekTec DTA 110T

DekTec DTA 110T is a multi standard modulator with UHF upconverter for PCI bus. Designed for Set-top boxes development, repair, production testing, performance testing etc (Figure 8).

Main features:

  • ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-H, DVB-T and QAM-A/B/C modulation
  • Option for ISDB-T modulation with hierarchical multiplexing
  • Option for DTMB modulation supports ADTB-T andDMB-T/H
  • 2 X RF out

Communication Interface: PCI

Figure 8: DekTec DTA 110T Multi standard modulator with UHF upconverter for PCI bus

DekTec DTA 115

DekTec DTA 115 is a multi standard modulator with VHF/UHF upconverter for PCI bus. Represent true multi standard test generator. Can check whatever receivers can handle (Figure 9).

Main features:

  • Multi standard modulator with support for all popular QAM, QFDM and VSB based modulation standards
  • All channel upconverter 47-862 MHz covering entire HF and UHF band
  • Output amplifier with programmable 0-31.5 dB attenuator in 0.5 dB steps
  • Independent bi-directional DVB-ASI port
  • PCI rev 2.2, 32 bit, 33 or 66 MHz bus

Communication Interface: PCI

Figure 9: DekTec DTA 115 Multi standard modulator with VHF/UHF upconverter for PCI bu

Promax GV698+

The GV-698+ is a TV pattern generator with excellent price/performance ratio which is especially suitable for service of all kinds of TV receivers. This pattern generator has the features usually found only in professional units, such the NICAM sound or teletext, while keeping a very attractive price tag. It is also possible to turn ON or OFF the color burst, the sound Subcarrier, the Color Subcarrier, etc. The GV-698+ also has a DSB modulated RF output, with level adjustable in 10 dB steps (Figure 10).

Main features:

  • YPbPr / YCbCr
  • Composite
  • S-Video
  • RF output
  • Teletext

Communication Interface: RS-232

Figure 10: Promax GV698+ TV pattern generator

LeCroy 9109

The LeCroy 9100 series of Arbitrary Function Generators are high performance ATE or benchtop instruments which can generate either standard or user defined, complex waveforms with fine point to point time resolution (Figure 11).

Main features:

  • 2 channels
  • Pulse waveform up to 100 MHz
  • Ramp waveform up to 250 kHz
  • Sine waveform up to 25 MHz
  • Square waveform up to 100 MHz
  • Triangle waveform up to 250 kHz
  • Six standard measurement functions
  • Five operating measurement modes
  • Output smoothing
  • Sync outputs

Communication Interface: RS-232

Figure 11: LeCroy 9109 Fuction/Arbitrary waveform generator

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Audio Precision 2722

Audio Precision is possessing highest performance, lower distortion and greatest possible flexibility. Device have true dual domain architecture which enables uncompromised measurement of both analog and digital signals: the analog generator and analyzer performance surpasses that of any digital converter-based design, while digital analysis techniques offer a wide array of precise, high-speed measurement techniques for either domain (Figure 12).

Main features:

  • Sine frequency 10-204 kHz
  • Frequency accuracy ± 2 ppm
  • IMD test signals SMPTE, CCIF, DFD, DIM, TIM, DIN
  • Maximum amplitude (balanced) 26.43 Vrms
  • Maximum rated input voltage 160 Vrms
  • Maximum bandwidth > 500 kHz

Communication Interface: TCP/IP

Figure 12: Audio Precision 2722 Audio analyzer

Dolby DP564

The Dolby DP564 is the multichannel audio reference decoder for DTV broadcast, postproduction, and DVD-authoring applications (Figure 13).

Control Flexibility

The DP564 provides easy selection and monitoring of Dolby Digital’s unique downmixing capabilities, listening modes, and compression modes. This gives content producers and providers an accurate way to verify how material originally produced and transmitted in 5.1 will sound when played back through Dolby Pro Logic or Pro Logic II, two-channel stereo, or mono home systems. Built-in Dolby Headphone processing, with a dedicated volume control, allows monitoring surround sound over standard headphones. The DP564 provides a comprehensive set of functions such as test noise, speaker trims and delays, bass redirection, mutes, and solos for the configuration and control of multichannel monitoring environments.

Communication Interface: RS-232

Figure 13: Dolby DP564 Multichannel Audio Decoder

SPI Analyzer

Implements SPI capturing device which collects all data frames and stores it in appropriate data file. This data can be compared with default data collection which is specified inside device initialization file. Result of comparison can be presented to user using specified device commands (Figure 14).

Main features:

  • 3 wire busses
  • High speed SPI
  • Support other protocols that vary from the SPI standard
  • Up to 50 Mbps

Communication Interface: USB

Figure 14: SPI Analyzer SPI capture devices

Audio Device

Sound grabber/generator (any PC sound card – Figure 15).

Figure 15: Audio device

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RT-AV030 (Figure 16) is Audio/Video Grabber for interception of signals between TV motherboard and LCD panel. Device supports LVDS and analog stereo audio as inputs and it is connected to the computer via USB 2.0.

RT-AV030 provides real time preview of LVDS inputs on the PC display.

RT-AV030 Features:

  • Real time image grabbing from input HD LVDS video
  • Image capture and storing in internal memory
  • Transfer grabbed images to PC for future analyzes
  • Live preview, 640×480 15 fps
  • Video preview enables TV motherboard testing without need for TV panel
  • Automatic detection of input video signal
  • Automatic detection of input video resolution
  • Real time audio grabbing (mono, stereo)
Figure 16: RT-AV030 Audio/Video Grabber Device


RT-AV300 (Figure 17) device intended for consumer devices testing: iDTV, STB, DVD and Blu-Ray. RT-AV300 can be in the same time used as an Audio/Video signal generator and real-time SD/HD video signal capture device. RT-AV300 provides extended features which can be used in all stages of multimedia product verification and test process.

RT-AV300 Features:

  • Operation modes:
    • Generator mode
    • Grabber mode
    • Generator/Grabber dual mode
  • Generates static video on selected output using custom patterns
  • Generates audio output using custom patterns
  • It is alternative to the group of devices used for multimedia testing
  • SD card slot for custom Audio/Video pattern storage
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Supports Remote control emulator features
  • Fully controlled by PC application
  • Easy firmware update using Ethernet connection
  • Live preview on PC side (640×480)
Figure 17: RT-AV300 Audio/video generator/grabber device for hardware-in-the-loop testing


RT-AV100/101 is a device for real-time capturing of audio and video signals up to 1080p30 (1080i60) over 1Gbps LAN, as well as still picture grabbing up to 1080p60. The device is intended for head end monitoring as well as for STB/DVD/Blu-ray testing. RT-AV100 (NAViC – Network Attached Video Capture) is a single channel and RT-AV101(Dual NAViC) dual channel device with doubled outputs compared to RT-AV100 (Figure 18).

Figure 18: RT-AV100 Network attached video capture device


RT-AV101(Dual NAViC) dual channel device (Figure 19) with doubled outputs compared to RT-AV100.

Figure 19: RT-AV101 Dual channel network attached video capture device

Video SD Device

Video capture device (any PC based grabber card – Figure 20).

Figure 20: Video SD Device

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RT-IR001 is a control device for reception and transmission of infrared remote commands. Developed for usage in automated test systems (ATS)  RT-IR001 finds its application in R&D and QA departments, service centers and on production lines.

RC device
Figure 21: RT-IR001 control device for reception and transmission of infrared remote commands

USB InfraRed

This device is infrared IR Remote Controller device (Figure 22)with FTDI IC connected to USB port. Device can emulate all RC devices if protocol is well known. Currently RC5, RC6, R-Step protocols are supported for manufactures as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Grundig, Vestel etc.

Main features:

  • FTDI controller
  • 38 kHz and 56 kHz output
  • All IR protocols can be supported

Communication Interface: USB

Figure 22: USB InfraRed USB infrared remote controller

Serial InfraRed

This device is infrared IR Remote Controller device which support RC5, RC6 and R-Step control protocol. Wide range of controlled devices can be covered using this device.

Main features:

  • RC5, RC6 and R-step protocols supported
  • 38 kHz output
  • Powered from serial connector
  • Low cost

Communication Interface: RS-232

Figure 23: Serial InfraRed RS232 infrared remote controller

Red Rat

The RedRat (Figure 24) is a USB based infrared remote control input and output device.

Main features:

  • USB powered
  • High power IR output
  • Possibility to learn from own remote controller
  • Firmware upgradeable

Communication Interface: USB

Figure 24: Red Rat USB infrared remote controller

Measurement, Power Supply and Switching Devices Go to top


The Tektronix oscilloscopes (Figure 25) are a graph displaying devices. All oscilloscope functionality and picture acquisition is achieved from BBT software.

Main features:

  • All measurement functionality afforded by oscilloscope
  • Picture transferring to PC for further analysis

Communication Interface: RS232, GPIB

Tektronix Oscilloscope
Figure 25: Tektronix Oscilloscope measurement and picture acquisition

Hameg HM7044

Hameg HM7044 is a four channel DC power supply and measure device.

Main features:

  • Maximum voltage 32V
  • Maximum current 3A
  • Up to 384W output power
  • 4-digit display for current and voltage

Communication Interface: RS-232, USB, GPIB

Figure 26: Hameg HM7044 Power supply

Agilent 3631A/3646A

Agilent E3631A (Figure 27) is a three channel DC power supply and measure device, while Agilent E3646A is a two channel DC power supply and measure device. Both devices respond identically to one set of commands.

Main features:

  • 3631A: On one channel, maximum voltage value is 6V with maximum current of 5A. On other two channels, maximum voltage value is 25V with maximum current of 1A.
  • 3646A: On one channel, maximum voltage value is 8V with maximum current of 3A. On second channel, maximum voltage value is 20V with maximum current of 1.5A.

Communication Interface: RS-232, LAN, GPIB

Figure 27: Agilent 3631A/3646A Power supply/measurement device

Marmitek Power Switch

Marmitek power (Figure 28) switch is remotely controllable device. Using X-10 protocol BBT software is capable to switch power on/off on tested equipment. Suitable for stress testing.

Main features:

  • X-10 protocol used to send commands trough RS-232 connection
  • Easy addressing of several devices

Communication Interface: RS-232, LAN, GPIB

Figure 28: Marmitek Power Switch Power switcher

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