Installing HASP drivers Go to top

Before inserting provided hardware key into the PC, follow installation procedure explained in this section. Start the installation of the HASP driver by double clicking on the HASPUserSetup.exe setup. Follow instructions as shown in the installation guide below.
USB Hasp keys
USB Hasp keys

Initializing hardware key Go to top

After drivers are successfully installed, key may be inserted into USB port of the PC. When being inserted for the first time, windows will perform additional setup of device drivers. First, balloon will appear in notification tray, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Notification about HASP driver installation

When clicking on the icon in the notification tray, details window will appear displaying current status of the driver installation. If the installation is performed successfully, the window will have a content shown in Figure 2. Led light on device should also be lit as the sign of the device being active.

Figure 2: Driver installation success window