Prerequisites Go to top

Although RT-Executor does not impose any strict requirements regarding hardware, based on our experience we have defined minimum hardware requirements necessary for comfortable use. Software-vise, RT-Executor requires one of the listed versions of Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • Windows operating system:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 7 / 8
  • HASP Key (USB dongle) – provided with the RT-Executor application. Installation instructions are provided on the hasp key page
  • Hardware
    • CPU – minimum dual core cpu @ 2GHz
    • Memory – at least 2GB
    • If using RT-AV100:
      • 2 Network cards are required
      • Network card used for RT-AV100 must be 1GbE

Picking the right version of the RT Executor Go to top

As previously noted, there are two versions of RT Executor, depending on your use-case. Based on characteristics of the two versions given below, you may decide which one is suitable for you.

RT Executor standalone

  • Your tests are run on a single, stand-alone test station
  • Test plan management & control is performed directly on the test station
  • There is no need for requirement management

RT Executor I

  • Tests are executed on multiple test stations
  • Results of multiple test stations are gathered and analyzed together using common platform
  • Tests are managed through common platform, rather than directly on the test station